hey i just bought an epi humbucker and a gibson '57 for $75 but they are both bridge pickups. Can i use one of them in the neck position or will that sound like crap.....btw im putting them in a saga lp
u can. but it wont really give u much versiatility. they'll pretty much sound the same.
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would it sound better then the cheap humbuckers that came with the saga kit
Yes, you can use them both. One thing to look out for is that the wires may not be long enough on the one in the neck position.
The one in the neck position may be louder than the one in the bridge. This is because in neck and bridge versions of the same model, the bridge is wound so it will be louder. This is because the vibrations at the bridge aren't as strong as they are in the neck. A louder bridge pickup will help to fix that.

I'd recommend putting the Epi humbucker in the neck.
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