My cable only worked in certains positions so I took it to someone to fix it. The man told me that it was a bad contact somewhere in the lenght of the cable, so he sliced it by half and tried the two cables to see wich side had the problem and gave me the good one. The thing is, now the cable does work, but my amp only receives a very low signal, I have to be really near the amp to hear it.

What could the problem be?, is it easy to solve?
ummm. sounds like its time for a new cable.
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cables are wut 20 bucks at the most?

get a new one.
pay me the same amount and ill give you better head than an amp ever could.

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walmart ones suck tho, check out musiciansfriend.com

they get the job done so its good enough
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Just get a good Monster cable, they're a little pricey depending on what you get, but they're worth every penny. They're extremely high quality cables, but if they ever die on you (which is very unlikely), they will send you a new one. All their cables have a lifetime warranty.
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cables are wut 20 bucks at the most?

Not for a good one.

Decent instrument cables can sometimes be obtained for less than twenty bucks. Good cables tend to veer into fifty dollar territory. Excellent cables regularly break the hundred dollar mark, though there are some exceptions. I have a CBI Goldrush that's outstanding (in spite of it's age) that wasn't terribly expensive, and Mogami Gold tends to be considered one of the best "bang for the buck" cables commonly available with a price point of around fifty bucks.

I usually recommend against Monster. In comparison to most entry level cables they are a significant step up, but usually lack the transparency and dynamic response of a lot of similarly priced cables (some of which offer a lifetime warranty as well).
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