I was recently jamming with my band, when my amp lost nearly all its volume.
I play a Fender R.A.D. 75 watt. Its fairly old, I'm not sure how old, seeing I bought it second hand. The Amp was on its "Full clean" channel, and the volume was on 5. I was also using a Digitech Grunge pedal with the "loud" of 6 and a Digitech Rp-80, with an all Noise Gate effect on.
The amp when from incredibly loud, to very very -very- quiet. It has now regained some of its volume, but the amp doesn;t seem so loud as it used to be.

Come someone give me an explaination or a fix for this


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ummm...i don't know that amp model, but is it possible the tubes burned out or something? they might need replacing.
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try playing it without the pedal. it could be a dead battery in the stomp box.
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The amp doesn't run on tubes. Its SS. and the stomp box was on an adaptor. We tried running the guitar straight to the amp, and it didnt work either
Thanks tho, guys
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