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I submitted I WAS RIGHT by NEW YEAR'S DAY and it got rejected!!! the chords are 100% correct, thsi tab is ear transcribed, hwo come they rejected it since thsi band isn't on UG database yet? I'm the first to submit this band!!!! I also provided their offical site. Dammit, they only vote reject without any logical reason!!!

grrrr!!! I'm so pissed off!!!!
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Calm down.

Is it really such a big deal?
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put it in again?
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Thanks, douche.

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They should allow us to put in tabs that arent in there, even if its like a 1 star job. And when someone puts in a better accurate one, delete the **** one. I don't see a fleetwood mac dreams powertab whyd they reject mine!
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grrrrr!!! I thought I'm the only one who feel the same way but also you

It's a big deal you know, I didn't sleep at night just to tab I WAS RIGHT by NEW YEARS DAY then they will only reject it, what the **** is wrong with the tabbes, hey you henza_x please approve my work, it is still pending!!!!