so there is this thing i tryin 2 waste my money on... its called a shredneck. but i live in canada, can i stilll buy one? if u dont knkow what it is or seen the shipping info u can stfu and stop making smart ass remarks.
Why didn't you post the link to it?

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It's all I need.

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Yeah...what's a shred neck? You mean a scalloped neck fretboard?
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That seems pretty cool, but I really doubt it's effectiveness. I'm sure it will work for your left hand, but then you'll spend twice the time trying to get your picking hand to work in conjunction with it, especially considering both-hand coordination is just about the biggest aspect of playing guitar.

Looks like someone is making a ton of money trying to sell would-be shortcuts...more power to 'em I guess.
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Oh, those. I have no idea dude :/ I didn't even know they were mass-produced haha
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Lol, if someone tried to sell me half a guitar I'd tell them where to put it...

I reckon you'd be better off saving your money dude, use a real guitar, one with a body.
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looks like a bag pf piss, wtf do you want one of them for?
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Yeah, use you're real guitar, you can actually get sound out of that.

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Why would you only want to practice your fretting hand? At best, it would work, and you wouldnt be able to get the note timing right with your picking hand.
looks like another something that no one needs but everyone has to have type of thing. Honestly, I would save your money and get a real guitar instead of that, plus it could have a different feel than your real guitar neck anyway and can make the real one feel odd depending how much you would use this thing.
This has to be the WORST thousand dollars I ever spent.
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It's be quite good if you're working in an office or something and you can't take your guitar. You get bored, you just fapped in the toilets so that's out, so why not practice fretting? But the price is a hell of a lot for what it is.
so your wanting to buy a guitar neck, thats only 7 frets long, and doesnt keep the same tension over the neck since its so small as compaired to a normal guitar neck to practice on......


just do it on another guitar. Work out both hands at once that way.

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