I recently started my Squier Strat Project (And by started, I mean I took everything apart) and I was curious: Would a Jackson/Charvel, or even a Kramer neck fit onto my strat? I'm looking to turn it into a real '80s looking guitar, and the neck would go great, and the extra frets wouldn't hurt either. Can it be done?

Also, I'm only going to put one pick-up in it (for looks and because it'll be cheaper) and I was wondering if putting a block of would (custom fitted) into the section of the body where the middle/neck pick-ups were would improve sustain?
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Depends on the scale length. Do you know what scale length the squier neck was?

But in short: no. It would be really hard to make sure the neck was the right distance into the body, even if the scale lengths were the same.
I checked the Squier website, it's 25 1/2", which I'm fairly certain is the scale of Jackson/Charvel necks.

And concerning the second thing you said, do you think there's anyway I could check to see if it would fit?
Not only the scale length is an important issue, but also the height of neck where it enters the body. It could be to low or to high. That would give serious problems in relation to the bridge height. Fender-like models are known for a very low bridge, because the neck-body joint has no back-angle.
If you want to give your instrument a new look this way you'll problably wind up with a very ugly instrument (in my modest opinion).
Well, if it will not fit for sure then I'm not going to waste the money. The squier neck is fine anyways.
By extra frets, do you mean 24 frets? If so, say goodbye to your neck pickup.

If the new heel is shaped the same on the Squier neck, and the extra frets are on an extended fretboard, you should be fine.

You could always play it safe and buy a neck from www.warmoth.com
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