so ive always known that the chord progression for the 12-bar blues is like this --->

I / I / I / I(7) / IV / IV(7) / I / I / V / IV / I / I

and recently,this techer i take lesson with tells me that the progression is like this -->

I / IV / I / I / IV / V / I / I / V / IV / I / I....with the X(7) ofcourse....

so whos right ???
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That's just a simple variation on the stock twelve bar blues. He just adds the quick four and then a five in there, I've never seen that before but that doesn't mean much. Technically you have the simplest form of the twelve bar blues though. Which other variations are based off of.
There is no set form of twelve bar blues, aside from the fact that it contains twelve bars, and the I IV V chords. There is the basic form of it with I/I/I/I/IV/IV/I/I/V/IV/I/I and there are many chord variations, such as sevenths, or minors, or other auxilary and augmented chords. some go one, four, one one, four four.... others have a five at the last chord. There's no set form to always use. just one to build off of.
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I / I / I / I / IV / IV / I / I / V / IV / I / I is the basic 12-bar blues, sometimes referred to as "slow-change." I first learned it as I / IV / I / I / IV / IV / I / I / V / IV / I / I, or "quick-change," which is used to break up the monotony of the first four bars. There are quite a few different variations of the the 12-bar blues, and yours is the most basic.
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