hi guys!

i got an Ernie Ball 6166 (Volume Pedal) whick has a 500k ohm pot and is meant to use with passive instruments

but now i'm getting a new guitar with active pickups. that wouldn't change anything, would it? Any differences I might be aware of?
I know that the active pickups are going to have a higher output, so they will sound louder. There's no problem using it with the passive pedal, right?


yeah i think it'll only sound louder, but i'm definitely no expert on this. you'll find more experienced ugers on this in the GB&a i think.
My guess is that when the volume pedal is set to 0, or no sound, there might still be some sound coming through.

They have active volume pedals for that, I think.
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Nah, the only difference is that it'll sound a bit brighter than you might like. A 500K volume pot bleeds less treble to ground than a 25K pot would (which is the type in the pedals for active pickups). So, yeah. More treble.

EDIT: Active volume pedals mean that they can boost the signal as well as cut it. They can be used for either sort of pickups.