So i just got this schecter guitar with a floyd rose cavity, but was lacking the floyd rose. the original owner said it had an original floyd rose in it, which he took out and sold for lots of cash and had the body/neck left over. NOW. interesting enough my kahler spyder FITS perfectly on the mounts, however, there is but one problem. the cavity has some spots that wont let it fit properly. the little lines drawn through it are the parts that need to be sanded off. IF i do this, and the kahler doesnt fit properly, will i still be able to safely put a floyd rose in it later? I should right? its not like the floyd rose ever really touches that part of the body right?

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Just sand the bits off and paint it black using black markers.

EDIT: sorry I was being stupid not reading your post properly. Yes, Floyd rose will be able to fit. You are taking bits off not adding bits on.

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Okay, listen closely. It doesnt matter how deep/how far you cut them, the most important thing is having those 2 post screws (anchor screws) intact. Hell, you can even cut the back of your guitar and it still doesnt affect your trem playability that much (e.g. Reb Beach model).

If an OFR can fit in there now, it certainly can fit in the future without you making any adjustments to the anchors/posts. The only main concern are cosmetics. If you cut the sides now and use the Kahler Spyder, it probably would fit it nicely

BUT later in the future, if you wanna drop in...lets say an OFR or a Gotoh LFR, you'd be looking at a noticeable 2 holes. What i really recommend you to do is just get a new OFR/Schaller/Gotoh coz their dimension would fit better and you'll get those 4 notes up pull much better but if you think your Kahler can do the job, then just ignore it.
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