ANOTHER Aria guitar, this one comes with stock neck and middle PUPs but a Dimarzio Breed in the bridge.

I'm not sure if the model is a Mac 40 or Mac 45.
The neck as you can see is very thin and smooth, it's very comfortable to use.
The guitar is made of alder and it's incredibly light.
I tend to roll the tone pots halfway down, because this guitar is EXTREMELY trebly, even while using the neck pickup.
I guess some parts look and feel kind of cheap (the headstock), but it's a great guitar.
The Floyd Rose system is very stable.
The guitar plays great and feels great. My only complaints are the stock pickups, which have really low output, and the tone pots, which have a ridiculous amount of treble.
Plays great and smooth, change PUPs and it's basically a top of the line Ibanez guitar.
Except several hundreds cheaper.
Well, that's one way to put it. You do look very tensed though, but it ain't a problem.

Guitar looks nice as well!
BTW, the original model doesn't come with a Breed, I just asked the guy at the shop to install it for me (he did it for free, we go way back )