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fender strat american deluxe with new tuners.
3 27%
fender american vintage strat with S1 switching and possibly new pickups.
1 9%
jazmaster with new bridge.
1 9%
other ?
6 55%
Voters: 11.
i love the american vintage strats (both sound and looks) an i heard it's better than an american deluxe, but are the am vintages pickups noisless (if no how much noise on scale1 to 10 please) ? and i'd like the S1 witching also so i'd have to buy that and the s1 loaded pickguards probably aren' t aged... (or are there ??)
what would you do, an am deluxe with the tuners replaced (i hate locking tuners)
or an am vintage with s1 loaded pickguard (that i'd have to install) and if the pups are noisy a pup replacement aswell ? or a jazzmaster with the bridge replaced ?
my genres are blues, classic rock, jazz, alternative, indie, britpop, blues rock, funk, reggae, modern rock, rock 'n' roll btw.

thanks !
go to store, play guitars in store, be happy

personally i agree with the guy above why would u change ANYTHING about any of those guitars???? the deluxe already has locking tuners i do believe, and they are fregin american pups!!

as for my choice, yea try some tele's, but the jagmaster is the msot unique out of all of them, so id lean towrads that, but dude, rly its up to u
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I forgot to ask, why do you dislike locking tuners?

because if i cut the strings off in standard tuning then i can't go to drop d or a half step lower anymore.
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i really like telecasters on top of strats so i would look at those

isn't a tele a one trick pony ?