I just downloaded uTorrent, but I am new to Torrents and downloading music in general (I typically use iTunes). Where should I download from? Piratebay.com? What do I need to know? Should I be wary of viruses? How do I tell if something is legit or not?

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pirate bay is good
http://www.demonoid.com/ is the best
hard to get a account there tho
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www. torrentz .com

That's like a search engine for torrents.
I don't think you can be aware of any viruses, seeing as single people upload the files, just have an up to date virus-ma-jig thingy.
And I'm pretty sure none of it is legit, but thats just half the fun isn't it?
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If you are using Utorrent there is a search bar on the top right corner if you right click you can choose which site to search
I only use demonoid and no i won't send you an invite code because last time some jackass almost got me banned for selling the code i sent him.
i use mininova.com

just make sure on whatever torrent you download theres a lot of seeders.
demonoid i believe has open registrations every friday. and you can get invited by people. i would invite you but idk how to do it.

demonoid= best torrent site ever though
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I thought making posts about torrents was against the rules....

When i did months back i got so flamed...Discrimination just because im not black....

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DO NOT USE IT USE LIMEWIRE I WAS CAUGHT WITH IT never caught with limewire
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DO NOT USE IT USE LIMEWIRE I WAS CAUGHT WITH IT never caught with limewire


Limewire sucks anyway, full of viruses. It also raped my old laptop, so I hate it.
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use torrentspy or torrentman just be sure the heatlth on your downloads is in the grenn if you are using torrentspy.
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Use isohunt. Or Oink or Demonoid if you can get an invite.

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