ok well i have a party in a couple of weeks and its fancy dress. The theme is movies. so being me i chose batman.

What i want is a way of making something similar to this costume whilst keeping the cost fairly low.

my main problem is the mask and chest part.

Any help is appreciated!

Just paint it on. Then like, attach the batman logo onto you're penis, so people will know that there's danger around if you pop an erection.
to Revenga's idea.

Just use face paint, and for the chest, go shirtless. Paint that, too.
lol thanks! i have a erm rather odd chest so paint wont work. i was wondering if there was any sorta material i could use to make it.
If you had a long sleeved black shirt, you could turn it inside out, put cardboard or styrofoam or some crap to make the muscles (sew 'em in?), flip it back right-side out, and wear it....
as for the mask...
black pantyhose with cardboard triangles stuck up inside?
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pick up a cheep long-sleved grey shirt, grey sweatpants, black briefs to pull over the sweatpants, and some spraypaint to paint the logo on the chest, it'll last through the party at least. A couple yards of cheep black fabric for a cape shouldn't cost more than a few dollars.
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