Yeah, I know you all hate this kind of thread, but I don't know what to search on Google. I can barely remember any of the lyrics.

It was a male vocalist.

The verses were really nice and melodic, and they were about someone who'd come to earth to sing a really nice song, or something.

The chorus consisted mostly of "and it went la la la la la la la la" give or take a few la's.

I seem to remember something about the singer going away, but saying he'd return in two thousand years.

I can't really search google for "la la la la la la," otherwise I'd have googled it.

Sorry for the lack of description, but it's all I can remember about the song. I heard it on a friend's laptop, and he hadn't named any of the songs, so it was called Track 5.
Can you tell us what genre was the song ?
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icky thump by the white stripes?
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For some reason the description reminds me of Ziggy Stardust or Starman by David Bowie, probably not though
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