This has to be some sort of joke, I don't even play guitar and and i can play better than that, And the singer was horrible.
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At first, the guitar was...average...then the vocals come in and I'm like OH S***, and then the first solo...jeez.

EDIT: Actually, some parts of the big solo sound OK, but lots of it sounds like they haven't tuned their guitars for months.
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just a bad vocalist, it wasnt that bad at all

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They suck

If they weren't just standing there it would be better

edit: and the bassist should stop standing away at the back and be more interesting
dave mustaine isnt that great of a vocalist himself
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Seriously... the dudes are playing a not so easy song, but still, if they can't play/sing it they shouldn't put it on the setlist.
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It was pretty sloppy guitar wise.

Vocals weren't very good either.

Just mediocrity at its finest.
that guys suxx at "singing", the guitar wasnt super bad but u kud tell when they were messing up...
Well, it could have been far worse.

The fact they could "play" it, shows they can only uh, improve. but man the bends and some of those powerchords we're badd sounding.
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wow..this is so funny. the crowd seems to be into it too which is even worse.

edit: that guitar player on the left isn't actually that bad. he played mustaine's solos almost perfect.
Well, apart from the band all standing in the same spot, with the bassist right behind the guitarist, it started off sounding OK, there were a few messups in the intro pt. 2, especially since the singer kept a chant through most of it. After the intro it all went terrible, I'm gonna pretend those vocals didn't happen, but the guitars; it was clear that at least one of them was very out of tune, and the guitarists messed up in obvious places. Overall, it was good forgetting the tuning problem and the vocals, and the fact that through the big solo(s) the singer kept shouting randomly over the guitars.