i want to boost the gain of my peavey vk100 head, so i was thinkin about getting a zakk wylde od pedal. anyone have any experince with it? also, would it give me enough gain to get a decent (doesnt have to be great) chunck from my practice amp that has no od channel. that would just be for jamming by myslef when a halfstack is too loud.
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i bought one once, it sounded pretty good but it is extremely noisy
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Really nice OD pedal for beefing up an already driven amp. You should be able to get a usable crunch through your practise amp, but it really is designed to boost a good tube amp into a meaty metal sound.

It may be noisy, but a noise gate is a worthwhile purchase for any gigging guitarist.
maybe you should try turning on the amp first, then the od, and the amp off first and then the od. My processor does this as well.
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