Ok, well at my school im a drama techie, and im the youngest, sort of like the apprentice. The head techie is pretty cool, and so is his girlfriend. For some reason we talk alot and i went to a photography exhibition with him and a few of his mates who i also know. Today it kinda sucked cos his girlfriend said she was as close to him as she was to a different guy who he thought was his friend. Tonight it kinda sparked up and they had a massive argument and im stuck in the middle and talking to her cos hes to depressed to, thinking hes second best o seomthing, what do i do? and please no barrel rolls or icy hot because maybe just once, a muscle pain soother mite not be the answer.
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^ I hate you, and i would report, but ill let you off, if you realise how much i want you to die

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If in doubt, whip it out.

chicks dig that.

more importantly,... its totally not your problem... hes a big lad let him deal with his bitch.
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Gah, its not like that, shes been a bit nieve i think and didn't realise what she said got to him, but telling him to man up, he'll just get more upet, he wont even speak to her, hes doing it through me, and before you tell me not to i need to, cos theyll both be ultra depressed if they break up. And i smell of him cos he kept spraying me with his deoderent in london
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^ dont post here again, less chat more not live

you are my hero for this
First, what's a drama techie?

Why is it such a big deal being the middle man? Obviously the problem will get resolved reasonably quickly. You could tell them that you don't want to be involved, but maybe as a friend this is something you're going to have to deal with.
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you have to put *reported*
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Nah, im talking about mayday, i said i wasnt gonna report him for spam then he goes and reports me, kinda pissed me off, actually mayday, im sorry, i sent you some anthrax, it miteve been an overreaction, no hard feelings?