So my friend wants to build a guitar shaped like an SG, kinda. As we were talking, we had different opinions on the neck angle.

He said that because he wants to use a Tune-o-matic bridge, we must angle the neck away from the front of the guitar a few degrees. His reasoning is that this will put more force on the strings to keep them in the nut and provide the correct action for easy playing.

It makes sense, but in my opinion.....

I think that we should keep the neck parallel with the guitar. BUT, the neck obviously cannot be flush with the body, but raised a little to prevent the springs from hitting the pickups. The bridge is obviously adjustable height wise, and i dont think we need to take the time to do all this fancy angling work.

So........tell me who is right, and WHY!!!!! I dont care what you think is better, what are the facts?
guitars have both. some straight, some angled. most gibsons have this angle, which is the "secret" of their ****ing amazing playability
down to preference i guess. i like the way a gibson's neck is angled back, more comfortable than a fender i find
my dean archtop has the same thing, and i find it just as playable as my B.C. rich. big F*cking whoop. it's all about your opinion, if you like one, then so be it.
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Thank you....i should have known that about Gibsons, a light bulb just went off in my head. Thanks all.
Yea the carvetop LPs need the neck angle. But if you have a recess in the guitar the tuneomatic will go down into dont need the neck angle on a flat top guitar. My carvin is neck thru and has a tuneomatic in a recess. And a warmoth LP Im building has the recess. Go to warmoth and check out the bridge options. If you use the standard tuneomatic bridge without a recess you will need a neck angle. But you wont if use a fender style or recess the bridge.