If there's a tone I want (or to get close to) more than anyone's, it's that of Shawn Lane. Let this clip demonstrate exactly what I'm talking about:


To me, personally, that is the single most gorgeous and beautiful tone I have ever heard in my life (I know some other people hate it, but that's not the point of this thread). I don't care what I have to pay in money or other sacrifices, I want that tone. It's rich, smooth, warm, broad, open, wide, 'musical', 'singy'... everything I could want in a lead tone. The question is, how do I go about getting it?

I've been harping on recently about the GH50L and whether it would suit my needs – so for this tone, would it? Opinions and reviews have said that it's a noisy, loud amp that only sounds good when cranked. But in any case, would a GH50L be suitable for a tone like that? I mean, I like Gilbert's tone as well, but that one just makes me wanna cream. Messy style.

Also, the delay he's using – digital or analogue? I want that exact delay. It's perfect for what I want to play. Would BOSS's pedals give me what he's got? And is there reverb being used?

Ah yes, and about the Jackson SL2H I had my eye on... forget it. I tried it in a shop and it didn't feel right (nor did the price to import an American!) All Ibanezes, on the other hand, felt brilliant. Hence I'm thinking RG/Prestige or JEM someday. What pickups to aid that tone, though?

All feedback much, much appreciated.
The GH50L would be able to do that tone fine, just drop the treble right back. Rolling off the tone control on your guitar might help get you closer as well. A lot of the smoothness (tone-wise, not playing-wise!) comes from the delay. I'll admit to not being a connoisseur of delays, but I'm pretty sure the Boss pedals would be more than capable of that sound. It doesn't sound like there's any reverb being used alongside the delay.

Ibanez would certainly be a good choice, the prestige RG's, along with the JEMs would be perfect for that style, and don't forget the PGM if you want a hardtail RG. As far as pickups go, most medium-power humbuckers should do the trick, Dimarzio PAF Pro, Air Norton, and the Air Classic being the ones that come to mind immediately.
Hmm.. intriguing. And promising!

About the settings on the GH50L for that tone – I can hear a lot of mid (hence its warmness, I presume), and a hefty load of bass? I sometimes have trouble discerning between the two. My ears have never been too sharp.

Gain-wise, is that just pre-amp 'GAIN'/'DRIVE' being used (without the volume having to be cranked to ear-shattering levels), or does any of that poweramp saturation stuff come into it?
I hate to bump stuff, but I just wanted some additional opinions from others on this. I'm really deadly serious about getting a tone like in the vid, so like I said – I would pay a toe or more for it!