im trying to write music and lyrics and what not for my band, and it turns out i cant write like i used to..
its like thrash/death metal, anyone have ideas? or some help pleez?
thrash/death metal? allright, heres the idea. theres this guy, he goes into a supermarket, he gets murdered. now scream it and tune your guitar to C#. and **** you for saying les pauls suck, you dont need to share that youre tone-deaf
dude, its not my fault les pauls look retarded, and you have spend like 2000 bucks on one to make it sound good anyhow. and yeah, thanks for the not help with writing
Try taking a break from writing for a bit and/or listen to some different genres of music for insparation, as well as metal.

I have a les paul btw....

Also, writing is something that happens, not something you try to do.
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i have been trying to listen to different genres, but it doesnt help me for some reason, i just dont want to write something really fckn cheesy and end up on the radio, ya know?