I have Gibson style controls on my Epi G310, you know, one volume and one tone for each pickup and a toggle switch. Well, I started playing the other day, and right away I noticed that my distortion (built into the amp) was less crunchy than usual. At first i thought it was the amp, so I turned everything up to where it usually is, but still nothing, so then I thought maybe my volume or tone controls were down, but no, they were all rolled all the way up. Not until later did I realize that my neck pickup was louder than my bridge pickup, which it usually isn't, and so i came to the conclusion that my bridge pickup is messed up.
Thanks in advance.
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check all the connections on the pick up wires.
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I would think wiring first, pickups don't usually go bad for a very long time unless they become de-magnetized somehow, or the coils get damaged. I would be more suspect of wiring, probably switch going bad. Switches can go bad over time, the contacts get dirty or worn, or it physically wears out. I would normally say check your leads and input jack, because that's where a lot of movement happens, but if you're sure it's only happening on the bridge pup, not likely there then.
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if you don't want to pay a tech, open the control cavity from the back, and look at the connections. Inspect the solder joints, make sure there are no cracked looking or visibly bad connections.

Just remembered you have an LP type, the pickups I think run to the vol and tone knobs first, so it could be a pot that's giving you problems instead of the switch like I mentioned. You should be able to narrow it down now, since you will know what wires are going to the bridge vol and tone pot.
"The fool doth think he is wise, but the wiseman knows himself to be a fool." - W.S.
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epi switches fail all the time.

if u have a can of compressed air. u can blow it into the hole where the switch is, flicking the switch as u blow in air.

see if the pup comes back. might be dirt stuck in there.

dont go out and buy compressed air tho. a new switch is only about $10.

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