so i got this wah pedal from a hock shop in my town. its alright i guess. its a behringer hellbabe. its not the best but it was cheap and i could afford it. the only problem is when its in the off position, it changes my tone. it seems to add a bit of fuzz and changes the tone a bit. almost like im turning down the tone on my guitar. it turns off by just taking your foot off. theres no switch to press on it. is there maybe some way i cant change this so that when i take my foot off and its in the off position(its got a spring so when you take your foot off it goes heel down turning it off) it will not affect my tone?

it has a bypass out jack and i thought that would help but it doesnt. it doesnt seem to change anything actually.
behringer products tend to do funky stuff to guitars... the amps are horrid. I have had no experience with pedals but if it follows their general trend it could just be crappin out on you
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Are you sure you aren't just leaving it in the bass position?

yea im sure. the red light turns on when you push it forward. if its all the way back then it turns off meaning its off.