I have a boss mt 2 metal zone and it has too much gain when it comes to playing solos, I also have a ibanez tube screamer which has great tone compared to the mt2 but its to weak on the metal solos, I'm looking for a more versatile pedal with great gain and tone, not to much but not to little, yes I'm asking for the perfect distortion pedal, what comes the closest for you guys?What should I try?
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well, you could always try the DS-1, it's the generic distortion pedal, and it's only 40 bucks, so its not a huge waste.
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if you're any good with doing mods, you might want to check out the Monteallums stuff. I was kind of wary, but I bought his kit for my Dynacomp, and it was a really noticable improvement over the stock verison. More lows, fuller sounding, smoother highs, quieter, etc., it was easily worth the $21 for me. You could probably buy the parts a lot cheaper, but it saves you some time and effort, and I was very happy with the results. I've been considering picking up a used MT2 just to try out the mods for it. A friend of mine had an older Keeley MT2 that sounded pretty decent imo, so I'm thinking the mods might help that pedal a lot.
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im using Behringer Ultra Metal UM100 and i still dont have any problem with it,even people usually said behringer effects doesnt sound amazing at all.