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Have you ever gotten in a big fight with your best friend that ended your friendship? (Either temporarily or permanently) and what was it over?

I have, over him dating my ex even though I said i was fine with it.
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yeah a really close friend and i got in a fight and we never spoke again
you told him it was ok, and now you are mad at him? you have noo right to be mad now, you could have told him now and either A he respects that wish or B he doesnt and you get mad at him and have the right to be mad. if you gave it the ok he has every right to do that
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jsut recently
he was my guitarist to but he was a complete ass
so im happy i got rid of him...
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I love my best friend he is sexy, even though he is bad. :<
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My best friend's a girl, i love her. We don't really argue about much, we're both semi-level headed.
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Yes, but a minute later we were back to being best friends again. We're too laid back to stay mad at each other.
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I bitched at my best mate for being a drunken slut all summer (straight from being literally the #1 anti-slut that I know).

She spent a good 2 days not talking to me, telling others how much she hated me, and how they should hate me too before getting over it.
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nope, I only have friendship ending fights with tertiary friends.
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Actually, she was annoyed at me for something, so i used white-out to paint a smiley face on a rock and I left it in her mailbox. She liked it, so problem solved.
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I find that ranking your friends in order of preference and making it known causes more fights than anything else. So I didn't do that and avoided all the fighting. Grow up, kids.
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i broke my right hand......well i think you know what i mean

im sorry to hear that that truly is a sad story
Twice actually. I won't go into personal details, but we were close for a couple years. Then we got into a fight and didn't speak for over a year. Then we were friends again for several months before getting into it again and not speaking for almost a year. We just recently started speaking again here and there online, but thats as far as its gone.
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