Hi, Well basically I have an Ashdown Fallen Angel Amp.

I like the overall tone of the amp,

but its missing that palm muted crunch you need in order to play metal.

I was wondering if theres anything i can do to fix this.

Someone suggested a Gain Boost Pedal ? But i have no idea what that is or how it works.

Any other suggestions

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
any dist pedal will do the job.
Man...this guy doesn't even need to write a suicide note. He can just leave a link to this thread on his computer and everyone will understand.
Try out a DOD grunge pedal

They're cheap and sound great for metal stuff! It's a wonder I don't hear more people using those things they have a great heavy sound.
Boosts are typically used in front of the amp, not in the loop.

A strong OD would help, as would a hotter set of pickups.
use an OD pedal like a tubescreamer as a "tone tightener" in front of your amp. That's assuming you like the voicing of your amp's gain channel, and just want to make a crisp tight lowend, and add a little sizzle. Keep the overdrive/gain low, below 10:00 somewhere, keep the balance/output high, above 1:00 somewhere. It's makes the lowend nice and crisp, and adds a little edge to the sound. I personally like the Maxon OD808 a lot for this task.
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