So I just got back from seeing the Come What (ever) may concert, in Birmingham and I felt so out of place...wearing a Necrophagist shirt amongst many others who where obviously HUGE Slipknot fans.
I actully enjoyed it. Good music, great live playing and ****ing great pits. Plus, I humped the back of a fat girls head!
But what mostly elated my was this band called Sydonia, who where in a way progressive, but still had alternative metal roots. It was ****ing great! I bought their album and am currently listening to it...
Does anyone else here ****ing love this band?
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I've never heard of them, but you shouldnt feel out of place a good bands shirt where there's a bunch of people wearing slipknot shirts.
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Yeah Sydonia is great. 3 Tongues is my favorite song by them.
I recently went to the Slipknot show in Melbourne in which they were a supporting act.
Ah yeah I love this band. I really like their hidden track too.

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