what is the difference between al the drum kits?!

It's like Drum Kit 0 all the way up to something like Drum Kit 150 and they all sound the same!

lol any help greatly appreciated
Nothing at all if your using GP5 RSE (Realistic Sound Engine). Though if you go to straight out MIDI i believe there is a difference
Quote by Roc8995
I ran into some fingering issues. I can get it up to speed the way I've been fingering it, but I'm wondering if you guys have any better ideas, because it seems like there should be an easier way to finger this.

Don't worry there is Roc, there is
drum 24 (or 16, dont really remember) is fairly different in MIDI afaik
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I've tried that a;ready and there's no difference between the first few as far as i can tell, unless ive missed something =/.
wtf, after drum track 16, the none of them work (on midi) except for number 24, which as Kramer1309 said, is actually different.
there is a diff. between the various drums track, it all depands on your sound card..