i play on .10's and when i play my friends guitar or guitars in the store the strings r pretty damn thin and i think its hard to get a grip and that kind of stuff

wat does ug think
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Thin strings like 10s on the top and 52s on the low e. 60 or 65 on my low B when i can
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I switched over to .10's on my guitar not too long ago. And I played the stock strings for so long, i was used to playing on those.

So for me, thin.
whatever you're accustomed to really. I've always played 9's but I have 11's on my les paul, i can play either fine with no real difference in ability
I use 9's on all my electrics, and 10's on my Acoustic.
My old guitar teacher used to say go for the lightest gauge you could get. I can't remember his reasoning though.
I don't play any better or worse on either guitar, or any other guitar with a higher gauge string. But it sure feels weird playing on something with a higher gauge. As people have said, it's just what I've become accustomed too.
I have to string my electrics with different guages depending on the scale length of the neck to be really comfortable. For instance I bought 2 packs of Dunlop 10's to test them out as they ran out of D'addarios and only had slinkies and the Dunlops. I have a dislike for how fast slinkies rust so the Dunlops it was.

My PRS liked the Dunlops and I get quite a low tension making faster stuff and bending nice and effortless. I didn't even have to make any adjustments to get the guitar properly intoned or on the trem which was a pleasant surprise indeed.

My ESP however was a different story as its scale length is longer it made the same strings quite a bit more taught. Its not unplayable by any means nor does it hamper my ability but its certainly more effort. Il probably try the 9's on the ESP next time I go to the guitar store near me.

If I decide to concentrate my practice on finger strength i tend to up the guage by a few from say a 10 to a 12 just so things like bends become hell to play right. After a few weeks playing heavy strings I then go back to my normal guage to find everything has become incredibly easy to do.
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I usually use 10s, I've used 9s a couple of times, and Im using 11's right now, 10's are probably my favourite although these 11's feel good - but I think they may warp my neck cause Its set for 9s.
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I use .11's on my Gibson SG, tuned to Standard and sometimes Drop D.
I use .10's on my Fender Mustang, tuned Standard.
I'm setting up my Ibanez Prestige with .10's, tuned a whole step down from Standard.

It kinda depends on what I'm playing. The Gibson SG is fairly versatile, but I use it mostly for hard rock, stuff like Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, etc. the Mustang I use for Blues and Alternative Rock / Soft-Rock style stuff, and the Prestige is for Metal, I use it for Alice in Chains also, since I cover them a lot, but I usually use it for really heavy and fast stuff.

I don't like very thin strings...
I have 13's on my S520EX in Drop C and since i started playing my Apex2 7 string i am starting to prefer 10's with a thick 12 guage low B

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i use 11s on my les paul and strat. 13s on my acoustic. and 12s on my es-175 for jazz.
I have .10's on my Cort and .12 to .56. on my strat for playing SRV type things.

It's much easier to play with the .10's but the .12's sound much nicer.

It's a pain playing guitars in stores. The strings feel like floppy rubberbands.
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Right now, I use 11-50s on my Les Paul and 10-46 on my Washburn. I'm hoping to get some 10-52s on my LP thought (Dave Mustaine's GHSs).
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i like playin on .10's used to play on .9's but even that small difference was a huge boost when it came to comfort of the strings so now its .10's
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I use 9's on all my electrics, and 10's on my Acoustic.
My old guitar teacher used to say go for the lightest gauge you could get. I can't remember his reasoning though.

maybe he thought you were tony iommi? It's heavies all the way for me, u can't "chug" without them IMO.

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Before I did a show where there was a lot of string bends in the song, I switched to 9's so I could bend easier, but now I like 10s. Nice rich tone and good feel.
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i like the top 3 strings to be pretty slinky, for bends and such. But I prefer ti have a heavier gague on the bass strings, cos i can pick faster on tighter strings, and they have the better chunkiness.
I love the feeling of flying over thin strings. .8's are way too thin, never going to play them though.
The thickest I've palyed are .10s...then I bought my HSS with .9s on it and fell in love. So since they're both thin I guess I like thins.
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I like 10's the best. I use them on my electrics and acoustics. I like the tone of 11's a little more, but I can bend a little easier on 10, so I stay there. I can play on lighter gauge, but it takes a while to get used to.
Thins, always.
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I've never noticed a difference in terms of my playability with 9's, 10's and even 11's. Never had any trouble with technique. I think it just depends on preferred tone and tuning. With 11's I feel like I'm playing a bass though
I'm a fan of 10's. Right now I have 11's on my strat, and I absolutely hate them. They make bending too difficult for my liking.
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For my style and hands I use .08's. I bend all over the place, push bends, pull bends, combination bends (sometimes three or more strings, even a whole chord.) I like the thinnest necks with the lowest action.
I use 0.8s

I just find them easier to move on and its so much easier to tune my floyd
i use 9-42s on my Jackson and Musicman, 10-46 on the rest.. just depends on the guitar is what i use, i found my Jackson sounds better with 9s then 10s..
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i use 12z on my strat for drop c and b but there good with stnadard to
imo thin strings r better for soloing cuz ive tested it out that thinner strings r good for stuff like tapping n the thicker ones r good for heavy riffs
.9's I like the thinner strings.
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