If you live in WA, and are a singer:

- with gig-worthy gear,

- have a singing style like Chuck Schuldiner's, Alexi Laiho's, Robb Flynn's,

- who does not sing HARDCORE / Screamo style

- who is between the ages of 15 & 18

CONTACT ME YOU ****S!!!! My band is in need of a permanant vocalist, and we have gigs arranged at HQ in the near future.

contact me on myspace - www.myspace.com/666percent

check out my band - www.myspace.com/genocidemetal666


My Gear:
Monterey 7 String w/ DiMarzio X2N7
B.C Rich KKV
La Patrie "Presentation" Classical guitar
Jackon JS20 Dinky
Ashton GA 80

Digitech Whammy
Boss Chorus Ensemble
Boss Heavy Metal
Boss NS - 2 Noise Suppressor
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