Right, anyone else got it?

What the hell do I write for the data interpretations?
The subject is rivers by the way.
I don't have it, but I'm an A-grade Geography A level student, so I might be able to help although, having said that, I'm going out now and probably wont be on till the weekend. Depends if you can wait, but I'll gladly help (not do it for you!).
look at ur data and just explain wot ur results mean, so if u did somethin where u measured how wide a river is then obviously if ur results r large then ur riveer is big, but thats a simplified example. my GCSE coursewrk is on shoppin and i live in wales so its kinda hard cos theres absolutely no shops (specailly guitar) *cries*
You say what your results show you
and how they show you it

use as many technical terms as possible
Just go into as much pointless detail about what the data shows as possible.
just explain everything you found out from your data, everything it shows an why it shows them, i could send you my data interpretation form last year, its on tourism but it should give you an idea what to do, pm me if you want it
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You got lucky, I had to do shopping centres. It was the most miserable coursework I've ever had to do, sitting for half an hour making tallies of people walking past a shop entrance, and researching the amount of area each shop covers.

I remember the data interpenetration bit was simply saying what one piece of evidence means, but what it could also mean. Bring in possible variables and cross-reference. I ended up with a B for geography, but my coursework was abysmal, something like 29/60.
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English geography coursework will be the end of you whether you try hard or not. The people who worked hard on it did well but hated it, i however sat on the computer and played games while pretending to work... the suspected 'E' grade followed. I managed to boost it up to a high D (one mark off a C) in after school classes, but after my exam results i got a D overall. Figures. I have never done coursework as boring and involving as that before and plan to never put myself through something like that again.

Moral of the story: DONT TAKE GEOGRAPHY, THE COURSEWORK IS LIKE GETTING KICKED IN THE BALLS. too late for you unfortunately, but you sound like you are far enough through it to be near a c grade
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I got a B on my Coursework in Geography. Festival Park (a place near me)... eugh. So boring. The only coursework I actually didn't mind doing was... none. It was all ****e and just a waste of time.