um hi. i play guitar for my highschool band and i have to come up with two solos to "Boogie wonder land" by earth wind & fire. I ussually play Metal and switching to that is kind of hard for me becuase i'm not sure what to play. At practice yesterday I tried to make the solo out of the minor pentatonic in the key of A(the part I solo is in the key of "A"). It didn't sound so great, so I was wondering if someone had any advice for which scales to use or something.
If the song is in A Major, then you'd want to be using the the A major pentatonic, the relative minor of which would be F# Minor pentatonic, so if that's the case, just use the F# minor pentatonic.
I don't know if that makes sense, but if you give some more information I could try and help out more.
If you're playing a minor scale over a major progression then it will sound wrong. Check to see if it's Major or Minor etc (I dunno i've never been into Earth Wind and Fire...bassist is good though)

A major


/ indicates where you'd play it after the 12th....duh!

Hope that helps
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well i gotta go to school right now, so thanks for the info. u guys just saved my ass