Hi, this is my next song, it's called A Pleasant Point, which is quite deceptive, since the music is weird, unsettling and pretty eerie, as I would put it.

Have a nice listen, and also I encourage to listen to my other song, Hate Unleashed, the link is provided in my sig. C4C.
A Pleasant Point.zip
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Hate Unleashed
"The song itself is simply awesome." - British Steel about Hate Unleashed
"Really good." - DarkTom666 about Hate Unleashed
A Pleasant Point

Crit for crit
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i cant say its good, maybe just my taste.
too much of disonant notes, in my opinion.
same thing with all parts of the song- including solos.
the best part, in my opinion, is part 3, before solo 2.
the outro is very good, compered to the rest, and the last chord, was the most disonant thing i've ever heard. which is good.

try maybe using less disonant notes, and maybe try making the rythem and drums more solid, if you know what im saying.

overall, i'd give it 7/10.
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The first solo starts off sort of repeditive, until it gets interesting when you do the full bend off the E string's 10th fret. The second solo is the same way, maybe instead of doing the riff the exact same way each time, hit the notes in different orders, to make it seem less repeditive. You have some really nice riffs going for you in this song, though. I actually disagree with the guy above me, I think the dissonant notes really make this song unique and interesting.

Here's mine:
First of all thanks for critting my song.
The first part is perfect, 10/10. I would make this a song on it's own, it's a good kinda 'intermezzo' thing on a cd, a mood creator with no singing.
The second part is ok, it's good how you create and release tension with all the dissonance.
The solo is good, but it needs some build up. Now it just starts out of the blue. It's not for everyone though, it's not easy listening. But that's a good thing.
The second solo I don't like that much, I dunno, it just sounds out of place.
The outro again is very nice, apart from the very fast tapping thing, that doesn't fit the song I think.

Overall a really unique song, maybe needs some work to fit the pieces together. Like I said it's definately not for everyone, but I like it. 10/10 for the first part and 7/10 for the rest.