Ok, so I have this idea to make myself a guitar strap that I can really personalize. I have acces to sheep pelts, and I was thinking of makking one from that. Would this not be strong enough, or would it be ok? Also, does anyone know where I could find some templates or something to give me some idea what I'm doing?
you should wrap the sheep pelt around some form of stronger fabric
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I dunno, I have a leather jacket that says its made from sheepskin. It has a bit of streach to it.

I think you should get some other material (as suggested) and wrap it around. Then fold the end over (close to the edge preferebly) and pin it and run it through a sewing machine. As for the ends and the plastic piece you use to adjust it, I say just butcher another strap....better yet use it as the fabric you're sewing around.