I recently got a Fender Deluxe series Nashville Telecaster and I'm lovin it so far. I just wanted to replace the middle position pickup with something a little hotter so I can get even more versatility out of it. I was looking at the Hot Rails single coil pickup for it, most people put them in Strats or so I've heard just wondering if it'd do as well in a tele. Any other suggestions would be good too. Thanks
There wont be a much difference in the sound even after you change it. You know what you're doing right?
Why wouldn't changing the pickups make that much of a sound? From what I've heard in some cases switching a pickup can make all the difference in your sound.
You'll see a difference. Just make sure you get a pickup designed for a Tele. Strat and Tele pickups aren't interchangeable. What kind of sound are you looking for, exactly? There's a difference between going a "little hotter" and going to a ceramic magnet stacked humbucker.
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Yeah, I don't like want an insane metal-type distortion out of my tele just like a step or two up in "hotness' I guess if that makes any sense.
Fair enough. How much are you willing to spend? And what kind of aesthetic do you want? Some of the hotter pickups, especially stacked humbuckers, won't look like a traditional single coil.
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I guess I'd be willing to spend around $100 or so if it's a nice one. Just wondering, the pickup in mine is pretty much identical to that of a strat's pickup I think, I'm not sure it's actually a strat pickup that they put in there or if it's just another tele pickup. Oh, and it doesn't really need to look like a traditional single coil, as long as the tone is there.
Well, if you're looking for something a bit hotter, but like traditional single coil tone, I highly recommend Dave Stephens and his company, Stephens Design. I got a set of pickups for my Strat from him and they're fantastic. His site is www.sdpickups.com. He's got lots of sound clips, too. Another option is the Dirty Harry or Muy Grande Tele pickups from Rio Grande. Fralin's another good one, but I don't know what their hotter ones are. Any of those choices will help you retain the authentic Tele tone but juice your output up a couple notches.

Cheaper options would be the Hot Lead or Quarter Pound for Tele by Seymour Duncan, or (if you're familiar with Jeff Buckley) a Carvin twin blade pickup, but my recommendation is if you can afford custom wound, get custom wound.
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