I'm really interested in this bass, considering to buy it from Thomann, but there is one major problem:

I haven't tried it out.

I have failed miserably to find one within reach to testplay it. Anyone got an audio sample with it to post? Any other thoughts or comments on it are welcome.
Well, I have a Rockbass Corvette 4 string active (bought from thomann for 450 euros) and it is amazing for it's price. The streamer is a bit lower category than mine, but I believe that it still will be nice. So, I would advise you to go for it.
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But hold on - you're debating on whether or not to buy a bass or keep your house? That's pretty fucking hardcore!
I owned one for 2 years, and it's a great starter bass, but it has it's problems.

Mine was a first year, so I don't know if they've updated this or not, but the springs for the soap bar pickups are way too strong, and if you play with energy and/or move a lot, they'll probably rip the screws out. It's an easy fix, just a pain in the butt to have happen.

I actually sold it to a friend of mine, and about a year later I picked it up again. I was really surprised by how good it still felt and played. It's a very solid bass, with great tone. Classic passive bass. The B string is also fairly tight (and I play medium/medium lights).

I recommend it over any of the other Rockbasses. In my opinion, it just plays/feels/sounds so much better.

EDIT: The tracks on the myspace in my sig. were recorded with that bass, through an SWR head. Just to give you an idea.
Seems really nice, thank you.

How well does it work for metal? 'Cause my primary band plays mostly progressive metal, but our other songwriter (aside from myself) recently got alot of influences from Dimmu Borgir & Dark Tranquillity, which is really promising, but requires heavier bass sound.

Though i need versatility, as i play almost everything between thrashmetal & funk. And I'm a bit lacking at the financial part. So multiple basses is not an option right now.
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It might be a little too warm for metal, but you could probably EQ it to sound great.

Right now i'm playing a Yamaha RBX-170, and we successfully EQ'd it to fit. Kinda well, at least.

So would you rate the Rockbass compared to my Yamaha?
Aaaa! The pain!

That was by far the worst videoquality i've ever seen on youtube.

But thanks for all the help, i'm gonna order the bass some time next week.