I'm just starting out, and it's been very frustrating because everytime I ask people what I should learn first, I get about a hundred different answers. Can someone tell me what I should learn first, second, thrid, etc... Thanks!!
well, get comfortable with the neck, strings and picking first. just do some basic picking then start learning the notes, chords, power chords, scales etc.
blink 182 or some punk is quite good to learn first as i remember. I hate to say it but so is green day too.

the first song i learnt was nothing else matters and then stairway to heaven but it depends how much commitment your going to put in mate.

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It does indeed depend on your level of commitment, but if you are trying to stick with the guitar and keep learning for years, you could spend a couple of months on each of these:
open chords
major and minor scale, and at the same time learn the notes on the neck
bar chords and power chords
crosspicking and linear picking exercises.
I've pretty much learned in that order, and I've been playing for almost a year. Of course you gotta throw in funs songs to play as well, cause this technique stuff could drive you to drinking if that's all you did.

Remember to have fun!
try to learn where some of the notes are on the neck. then it depends, if you want to be a lead guitarist start with scales, and learn where the notes are, then learn techniques eg slides. if you want to play rythm then start with power chords then open chords, then 7ths then barre choeds, then 7thbarre chords, and if your noy completely lost by then , you can go into 9th , 13th, and all sorts of other chords. if you don't no what to be, or you want to be a good all around player do what i did, and learn the basics of everything and just learn whats comfortable, but it does help to challenge yourself. getting lessons could also help, and if propper teachers cost too much, try to find a student who gives lessons, thats what i did and thanks to him i'm great now, but be careful with who you get, some aren't as good as they say they are. mine was better than he thought, he was just too modest.

hope that helps

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I think the TS will know what to do next

There's no correct order to learn, depends on what you like to listen to, what you want to play, etc. Probably best to learn the major chords first just so you'll have the satisfaction of playing songs (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and then move to the minor versions of those chords as well as power chords). While you're doing this try warming up first with a 12 tone scale:


Start playing the scale with just downpicking and then try just picking upwards and then move to alternate picking after you're comfortable with both (play the scale backwards using each form of picking as well, for every note on the first fret use the index finger, second fret: middle finger, third fret: ring finger, fourth fret: pinkie).
1. Learning parts of your guitar! Get to know your instrument =)
2.Open Chords A, Am, C, D, Dm, E, Em, G.
3.Barre chords nd 7th chords.

from there learn some songs with those chords and there strumming patterns. nd then you branch out from there learn scales for lead, power chords for rhythm. learn some music theory and how chords are constructed and such. everything will then start making sense to you. good luck