i love playin the guitar even though im not that good. on a scale from 1-10 i would be a 7... haha...i just an ibanez... so i would like to know what you ****ers think about guitar and which brand is the best
It's probably in your best interest to delete this thread before 2 million people come in saying *reported*. But I have an Epiphone SG and I like it. I would like to acquire a Gibson SG in the near future.

EDIT: And it's not a good idea to call people in the metal forum "f*ckers." We are an elitist lot with big egos.
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Nothing beats Taylor's, as far as acoustic, i have a 600 with a sunburst body, it is so sick. I also have a Strat, an Ibanez hollow body, and a G and L that is basically like a Jazzmaster. I love them all