And a series of events to lead up to this sentence:

''I knew it!'' Exclaimed the exasperated adult.
this thread is gonna suck said the other guy
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Oh ****, I just found out I got pwned by Joey! Damn...

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GASPPPP! another one pwned by joey!

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Lulz Joey Is Teh Ownage I Want His Penus
Jesus descended from the heavens with a leek in his hand. Father Jim looked up at the descending from the sky Jesus and said
"Why, that sure is a fine looking leek you got there, G Sus"
Jesus replied
"My son, this thread sucks LOL"

''I knew it!'' Exclaimed the exasperated adult.

We need New Thread Cat in here:

Dear God, do you actually answer prayers?

Yes, but only in a way indistinguishable from random luck or the result of your own efforts.
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We need New Thread Cat in here:

LoL this made me fell of the chair and now I'm laughing to death. This thread rox
And your sig is funny too :].
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Two weeks ago, Yngwie Malmsteen walked up to me at a mall and gave me a bag of donuts. He told me "I don eat no focking donuts".
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"Why do we come here?"
I told him, for no reason.
He said "I knew it!"

ha! beat that haiku!

this doesn't have the original phrase in it though, n00b. its good anyway tho

but here's my sad attempt at it.

a child and his father were walking down the street. the father was feeling horny, so he picked up a hooker. when the three of them went to the hotel, he asked the child to stay outside in the car. when the hooker took off her dress, thats when the father realized that that was no hooker, but a robot bent on eating his soul. "I knew it!" exclaimed the exasperated adult. [/failure]
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This might just be the smartest guy in The Pit. I didn't believe Ethan when he told me there were smart people in The Pit But I was wrong.

yeah, thats me

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