Im a mature bass player 15 years old, i can sing a bit, im serious about the bass.

I am influenced by: Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Hellogoodbye, Fort Minor, and The Almost.

I live in Queens New York, hit me up if u live anywhere near.

Aim: EsaiElite
If we move out there, which would be soon, what are you looking for? a band or people to have you join with?
Both, I dont really mind, im fifteen and still staying in school, but I love to play shows and have one on sept 16, its this black metal thing, I dont really like it, but im sticking with it because it is my friends. =( Im quitting right after the 16th

If some people group up with me thats okay, id like a jam partner, but if its a full band that would be great.
Well, I'm moving out there within a few months, i think. Kind of one of those military base kid things...

Hah, black metal doesn't sound like its the most fun thing on the planet im' gonna have to say.
Flute, Piano, Guitar, starting drums, starting bass... and I sing. Maybe not well, but hey. it's a start and you get better by doing it.

So you're into paramore's stuff... THat's pretty sweet. If you want to try to work on one of those online type things, having a project like that would be cool. Lemme know. I've got aim if that's easier for you too.

goodbadnights -- aim