So i got my washburn kc-60v in the mail today, spent 60 dollars on it. Im not to keen on the information of these guitars, so i call customer service at washburn and asked him about it. they were around 625.00 new with an msrp of like 700 or something. pretty cool. heres how it lookedright out of the mailbox.

the paint was nasty looking, had stains and drip marks and black-gunk sh1t all over it. the fretboard was 96% finger gunk, could barely see the real wood in most parts.

So i nabbed some old tuners from another washburn neck i had laying around, did a mix and match, and i soaked the front of the headstock in nail polish remover to get the nastys off.

Soaked pretty much the whole body in nail polish remover to get the gunk and stains off. LITERALLY soaked the floyd rose in all purpose oil, made it look brand new-ish.

Then i mineral oiled the fretboard, whiped it down, then went through with a razorblade and got all the gunk off. no harm done to the fretboard as usual.

All im missing is some damn lockblocks for the floyd rose. im sending one to my dads machine shop, as well as my old floyd rose arm, to get plenty of copies made. gonna cost me about 3 dollars for 4 tremolo arms, and a dozen of the lock blocks, all solid steel.
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Looks like you did a good job. More pics when completely finished please
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I got a kc-40v in green crackle and the floyd is the 600-s too. Not a bad unit really stays in tune quite well and returns to pitch no probs. I also got a spare 600-s so when this one finally dies I still have a spare.