Hello all
Ok so long story short, my dad bought me a second hand guitar which was drenched in about 5 different colours of paint, now he only bought it because it had pearl inlays and so was less liekly to be a cheap nasty thing. the strings were rusty and really horrid yet it prduced a great sound an tone. So ive ordered some new strings for it, ive begin sanding all of the paint off (and even the black paint original on the guitar) So its just bear smooth wood right now.
To anyone who is the in the know about this sort of thing...My question is what kindt of clear finishes can i add or apply to the body of the guitar to give it some protection, and the ability to wipe things off it iff you get me (with no finish a mucky mark would need to be sanded out, no doubt)
Hope ive explained that well enough, although if i havent il try to elaborate more if need be.
clear laquer.
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what kind of wood? your options are generally an oil, shellac, or lacquer.
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Thanks for the replys. il be honest i have no idea what make the guitar is, or the wood. i can tell you it has a scratch plate both sides of the sound hole and did have a rose pattern going up them.
Anyway back on track, The front ive managed to salvage the outer veneer (spelling?) very light in colour, however the back seems quite porus and dark.
Clear laquer you say? surely your not talking a spray can?