Hey guitar people...
My friends dad is a big jazz fan, (my guitar teacher as well), and what they play sounds really cool. Unfortunatly, I know nothing about good jazz. What are some of the best jazz bands in terms of guitar that you can think of? Something that a rock person might enjoy listening to.
add mike stern to that list.

or for a really beautiful, solo acoustic guitar thing - gene bertoncini.
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try to learn this song truth by bamboo. It has a Jazzy feel but they are still rock so yeah.
Pat Martino. This guy was a giant in the jazz world but then he had a stroke and forgot how to play. So he listened to old recordings of himself and learned how to play his style again based on those recordings! It's a crazy story. Also check out Charlie Byrd, he adds a little samba to his jazz and it comes out amazing.
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thats just false. false false false.

check out howard alden, gene bertoncini, lenny breau, and joe pass. the latter three are masters of chord/melodies.
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