Got some medical bills coming in and so I need to sell off a few things. This is a gorgeous guitar. Spalted maple, abalone inlays, grover tuners. I upgraded the bridge pickup to a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates. Sounds awesome. Guitar is (imo) next best thing to a Gibson, but a lot cheaper. Has a brand new Epiphone hardshell case. Original pickup included in sale as well as the cream colored pickguard. Only mark on it is a teeny ding on back edge which you wouldn't even notice unless you were looking. Total cost me around $550.

Here are some pics:

Asking $400. PayPal preferred.
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Not interested in any trades are ya.

Not for a guitar, but if you have a bass....
PM sent dude, I have paypal.

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damn thats beautiful. is the whole guitar spalted maple, or just a top?

Just the top. The back is amber/brown.