Ok this might sound stupid but i have been playing for 4 years and i have a les paul but i still have no clue how to use the toggle/pickup switch....
this switch says lead and rhythm.
I've seen guitarists during concerts flip the switch and they get a totally different sound. Like i have a Digitech RP-80 effects modeling processer and i want to be able to switch from distortion to clean with a flip of the switch.
how do i do all of this?? please tell me step by step like what to turn the knobs to and everything. THANKS
Can't be done. Unless you get some onboard effects.

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the switch is for the humbuckers.You change from gain to clean with the pedal.The diffence is in tone but overall it wont go to clean and distort with the guitar switch.

Have you really been playing 4 years?????

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Seriously? 4 years and you never asked about that? The pickup switch won't make you go from distortion to clean by flipping it, it will just get more bass if you flip it to rhythm and it'll sound good for clean jazzy stuff, and if it's on lead it'll have more Treble(good when you're on distortion)
But to answer your question on going from clean to distorted, if you have a Digitech RP model, just have it on your favorite distortion and for clean, hit both foot switches at once to put it on bypass so it's clean then tap either one of the foot pedals and it'll change to your distortion.
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if you leave your Lead Volume on HIGH, and your Rhythm Volume really LOW, you can almost get a Distortion to Clean sound, but not exactly what you are looking for. Use the pedal to do a true Distortion/Clean swap

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I've only seen that done on one guitar, Wes Borland's signature Ibanez, there are some vids on youtube of him demonstrating it. But other than that, it's an amp or pedal thing dude.
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Just to be clear, "Lead" utilizes your neck pickup and "Rhythm" uses the bridge pickup.