Hey check out my new original i wrote !!! crit it,,, please tell me what you think!!i play all instruments and used this drum program from fruity loops! I know i need vocals and they will come !!! but here is a sneak of the rough mix!!! im using sonar 6 producers edition to record on!!!

GO HERE !!! MY PAGE!!http://www.myspace.com/theterrorxproject

THE NEW ONE IS Vigilance

ROCK ON !!!!

P.S. add me !

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Pretty sick song man, killer solo and its all pretty good quality recording. check some of my vids if you want on YOUTUBE
Man, this is bad ass. Quality seems good, I don't like the drums sound though. I really like the **** your doing with the harmonics. Sounds like a solid state amp, you could really use a nice tube amp for this though. I think it takes a little to long to get to the solo. The solo sounds really nice, has none of those really ****ty amateurish licks like a lot of the solos on here do. I really like this harmony thing your doing, really cool!

I think it should move on a little quicker, maybe vocals would help, or just a lead part (not a solo).

Overall, really cool. Could you check out my bands stuff real quick? I'd appreciate it.

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i just heard the most amazing solo ever. it's in a song called "holiday" by green day. its even harder than some of blink 182s stuff!! im gonna learn this solo right now! give it a listen, its really good sounding and not too easy.
nice riffs. nice harmonies. guitar tone could be a bit less fuzzy. maybe try miking your amp. did you go ahead and add vocals? the song that plays when i click on deliverence has vocals. if this is the right one, the vocals are absolutely awsome. solo is very cool. overall a nice song.

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