Hi guys, I've been playing guitar for 2 years now. I'm much more comfortable as a rhythm player than lead, although am moderately competent at playing lead.

I play music influenced by Libertines, the Beatles, Paul McCartney, Franz Ferdinand, Bright Eyes, Jack Penate, Jeff Buckley, Our Lady Peace, Blur, the Levellers and other bands of a similar bent.

Anyway, I visited my local guitar store today and picked my favourite three guitars ( I play-tested ten or eleven)

They were the Epiphone Les Paul Standard, the Epiphone Dot (semi-hollowbody)
and the Jackson Dinky (not sure which model but was priced about £470, which is probably as high as I can conceivably go in terms of price)

So: out of; the Epiphone Les Paul Std.
the Epiphone Dot
the Jackson Dinky

which should I go for?

Any help welcomed!
For the style you're going for, I'd say go for the Epiphone Dot
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it depends, the dinky is probably teh best quality out of the ones you stated (dempending on the model) but for wat you mentioned i'd go 1st with the LP, then with the dinky, and i don't know wat teh dot is
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yeah honestly i would go for semi hollow epiphone... it will sound better for your style of music
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from your musical tastes. i would recommend a fender highway one strat. the new ones sound bang on and ther only like £350 if you look in the right place. Thats what im getting anyway. that or a telecaster anyways. Best out of the three you selected is epi standard, hands down.
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cheers fellas. forgot to mention...no fenders!! it's just a personal thing, but i don't like the neck on them, it's too thin.
so...epiphone dot?

can anybody suggest an alternative, a semi-hollowbody of similar price? just checking...
Ibanez Artcores are similar semi-hollows that may be better quality depending on the model of the Epiphone.
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