So I'm currently working on a song but I'm not sure where to go. My band is a huge mix of music but I'm not really sure where to go after the intro

the basic chords of the intro are

B 4 5 9 7
G 4 6 9 8
D 4 6 9 9
A 2 4 7 9

Those are the basic chords for the intro I don't really like the final chord

but I've tried these other chords for an experimental verse

B 9 5 3
G 9 6 4
D 11 7 5
A 11 7 5

This is a triple rythym song such as Hendrix song or Under The Bridge or Yellow Ledbetter
I really dig those ballads and I want to make my own
any suggestions?

Edit: can i get some feedback please?
Bump: please will somebody just give me some feedback?
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