i'm getting my guitar setup tomorrow(RGA121 Prestige ) and i can't decide if i want '10s or '9s.... i've played with both before and can't really decide. i think i might want to get 9's cause i have thick fingers and they mute other strings sometimes, or is this not really a problem with string gauge?i want '10s because i sometimes tune down to d standard and a higher guage will help, right? or if it's set for standard E will the strings be just as loose...a higher guage must help a little for downtuning even if the guitar isn't set up for that tuning, right?

Opinions? Facts about guages? I'll be playing mostly metal, btw. i also want the lowest action possible without fret buzz. Very important. Thanks a lot.
get the 10s if you play drop D at all. it gives you better tone, and the strings will be tighter. it feels more natural for my picking hand to have that much resistance, although your fingers will have to adjust to the heavier gauge
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.9 to a .12 killed. so i went with .10
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Yep a higher gauge will help for tuning down. Drop tuning with 9s might now sound that good.

I would go for 10s, I just prefer them. I never did like flimsy strings - ever since I played 9s on Les Paul.

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Your tone with have more of an edge to it. While tuning down your low strings won't turn to spaghetti noodles.