Heya I've been playing guitar properly for about a year now (by properly I mean tutored) and I basically have worries bout how good I am

I know the basics and sum of the intermediate stuff: alternate picking, first positions of pentatonic major/minors, blues, major, natural minor scales (just started looking at the other boxes lol), Open chords, 5th an 6th string barre chords basically all the stuff you should do after a year,

I was wonder is it normal with all that to not have attempted to write any songs yet? Its just I've seen posts bout people saying they've written a few songs already though they dont often say how long they themselves have been playing,
I've had a quick go at it now and then but for some reason I just cant put anything together atm its like I have rough (really rough) ideas what I wanna do like moods of the songs, pace general sound etc but cant translate them to guitar ... is that normal after a year or should I be able to write stuff by now :S

p.s.if you have time after that lol I also feel I'm kinda stuck in a rut atm with my advancing technically as well as creatively, like i cant tell if i'm improving or just not improving, and as for when I think how I should go about improving I kinda just hit a wall, like I dont know which direction to stick myself in lol

(btw though i mentioned a tutor it#ll be a few more weeks till I see him again so cant ask him sorry)
Everyone is different, some learn basics and start getting ideas for songs and others learn all they can before they attempt to write.

You should just learn the other scale positions and maybe learn some Power chords.
Well for writing songs, that's really just all about experimentation on your part. It helps to get with a buddy and jam, you can feed off eachother.
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You can start writing at any time. The only thing knowledge and experience will change is the quality of it. It all varies by each person's creative abilities. If you don't like making stuff, good luck with your soon to be cover band!

I'm kidding about the cover band stuff, but go for it, write a song or two, then do one in a month or two and see if you're creative juices thrive of feel like they're getting boxed in. Personally, I took lessons for 3 years and it's been one year since and I've never been more creative and am learning more than ever as well.
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Hey man, you think your worried...I've been playing coming up 2 years this November and I can only solo in the Box.
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And I have incredible trouble with any guitar solos. I have seen some videos of people whove been playing for a year do like the Master of Puppets solo. I feel so crappy...
Don't worry about it! Everybody goes at their own pace and as long as you practice you'll end up good. (I think).
I've been playing almost 2 years and you already know more than me about scales and all.
My advice for writing music is to just mess around on the guitar without a plan in mind and pick out the good stuff to build off of.
If it makes you feel better, I've been playing about the same time you have and my playing is crap
86% of the people who frequent the "Electric Guitar" forum would say that they have played guitar for under 5 years.
thanks everyone :p Just seems like I should keep up the confidence in my playing skills and concentrate on them whilst doing a little experimenting :p
Don't worry about what everyone else has done in what kind of time frame. Just do what makes you happy with the guitar. Not everyone can write music, I think I am probably one of the ones that cannot. But that doesn't mean you should give up trying. Just continue to do what you're doing.
I basically have worries bout how good I am

Try not to worry about this -- it is wasted energy that could go into practice! =^)

Sometimes our ability to criticize ourselves increases faster than our ability to perform, giving us the impression than we are "in a rut". If you keep it up, looking back you'll see many improvements that occured without you noticing ...