I bought this brand new about half a year ago, very lightly played. Sounds amazing for an Epi (I have a family of musicians that cant believe it's not Gibson!) I really like the guitar, but it's simply not getting used enough due to work etc. I would say this is pretty damn close to on-par with an Elitist (in quality and sound, of course with a lot more style a la Bob!)

Solid African mahogany (body and neck), alnico pup in the neck, Seymour Duncan '59 in the bridge (sounds amazing), and brass nut. This thing has TONE!! Standard les paul features (22 frets, 24 3/4 scale neck, set neck, etc). Has rasta alternating color inlays. Comes with Ernie Ball 10's (if it matters to you.. )

I have done several cosmetic changes that set this one apart from the already very few others. It has gold hardware (tune-o-matic bridge, stopbar, knobs), gold Sperzel locking head tuners (no string slippage, stays very in-tune), and a custom fit creme les paul pick guard with creme 'bucker rings.

Again, very few of these were made, Epi doesnt even have them on their site anymore due to them being a limited run (and now discontinued!). I bought this for over $750 cdn new 6 months ago, but Im still expecting to take a hit on resale. Keep in mind ive also dumped close to $300 into this in aftermarket parts.

I have no set price, just make an offer. CLICK HERE for some stock photos, i'll try and get some up of the actual guitar so you can get a better idea.

Im new here, but not to dealing online. I have a couple hundred eBay feedback and probably 50+ from pbnation.com (from buying/selling paintball equipment, some of the guns I have sold were worth $500-$1500). I can get links for both

EDIT: forgot to mention it comes with a Marley edition hemp gig-bag!
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cool...i personally wouldn't buy it, but i like how it looks.

my band's bassist's brother has one.

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Always wanted one of them...but I'm in the UK unfortunately...and if my conversion calculations are right I could buy it cheaper new here than you bought it for originally...that's a welcome change given the amount we get ripped off in England.

Anyway, I hope someone buys it because I think it's an awesome guitar.
I can get one for £260-£280 over here, if my calculations are correct that would be around about 550 Canadian Dollars? I might be mistaken, if so I apologise profusely.

That said...they're not being discontinued anywhere that sells them over here as far as I can see which obviously makes a huge difference. It could, in theory, become a very sought after guitar in the future, especially in such good condition.